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Hi, I am Aanchal Jain. Thank you for your time and trust in my editorial services. Let’s create a bestseller that makes YOU proud!

My Mission..

To help you love your work and remind you to believe in your book. Half the work is done; you wrote it and you made it to the end! You charted those painful plots and survived the cantankerous characters to make them pliant and precise, incredible and inspiring. I will see you through to the end of your exhilarating journey.

Let’s fly together.

My Aim…

Become your hiking sticks and flashlights—I will assist you and keep you on track, provide stability and help you envision the best version of your manuscript, reducing strain on your mental joints when the path becomes rough. I want to learn from you and ensure you learn something new from your experience with me be it a new craft tool, a formatting idea, or an organization trick for plot mapping.

Let’s grow together.

Your Editor…

I am a fiction editor specializing in developmental editing (content editing) and line editing. I aim to be the understudy to your craft and draft, polishing and elevating your strengths, quietly assessing your pressure points, unlocking your full potential, and partnering with you to construct and shape the stories you want the world to enjoy now and ten years later.

Let’s create together.

Aanchal is absolutely amazing and I’ve entrusted 300k+ words of my novels to her.

– Stefanie Chu

Her edits were spot on I will be using her for all my future projects. I recommend her to anyone who wants their book to be on par with authors at the top of their game.

– Brooke Stanton

“Aanchal’s passion and professionalism reverberate with every edit. It felt like working with a co-author who understands the voice of the storyteller. ”

– Oswald Palle

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Developmental Editing

Stuck in a write, delete, rewrite spiral? Not sure whether the narrative and dialogue do justice to your characters? Having trouble fitting subplots in the main plot? Discover our most comprehensive service that will ready your book for only a brief polish before publication…

Line Editing

Having trouble with language and grammar? Showing more and telling less? Want to find the perfect word to describe that sunset or tree or house or character? Ask for a sample edit to try our line editing services to enhance your beautiful story…


Want to spot the stray double commas and periods and spaces and the three different spellings of your MC’s name cropping up in the nooks and crannies of your manuscript? Our proofread will leave you searching in vain…

To book a chat/sample edit, please send an email to readwriterelateeditorials@gmail.com or use the form below.


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Young Adult; Fantasy; Romance; Literary Fiction; Mystery Thrillers; Psychological Thrillers; Memoirs; Horror


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