Know Your Editor!

Hi, I’m Aanchal. I’m here to help you tell your story to the world. I’m here so that the name you have scribbled at the end of your story can be inked by a printer or published on the front page of your own book—both fiction and nonfiction.

My idea is: What you want, you will get. If you are unsure of what you want, I will help you figure it out.

I use a formula of constructive critique, sundry suggestions and fulsome feedback to nurture you as an author and help you present the best version of your story to the audience. My critique will be in the form of suggestions and not merely the use of the proverbial red pen.

I am a lawyer by education and briefly by profession. As such, I bring the skills of project management, selective scrutiny, detail-oriented and critical scoping, thorough research, excellent turnaround time, and the ability to read extensively, into my current services.

For a detailed enquiry and a peek at my curriculum vitae head on over to the Bookings form on the Home page.

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