Gemma Iversen – Author of The Galven Border

Aanchal is the first editor I’ve used, and any worries or doubts I previously had were quickly dispelled once I began our communications. She was professional, prompt, and her editing was fantastic. She went over my draft with an acute eye for detail and made extremely valuable comments and notes in addition to the checks on grammar. The service I received was invaluable, and I look forward to working with her again.

Corey Wys – Author

Read Write Relate is incredible friendly and accommodating. They edited a snippet of my debut novel, and their advice could not have been more helpful. I would highly recommend their services.

M. L. Slack – Author of Inherited Sin

The moment that I saw what my book could look like, I was hooked! Even the minor changes made my Aanchal made such a large difference in the reading flow. She gave me honest critiques that I knew I needed, offered suggestions, and she works so fast!!  

It was such a pleasant experience working with Aanchal! She’s trustworthy and professional, and I fully intend on calling on her with all of my future work. 

To top if off, I can honestly say that I have never felt so confident about presenting my novel to a publishing house. She was everything my book needed and I simply can’t say enough great things about her or her work. I am so grateful. 

If you have the opportunity to work with her, I definitely recommend it.  

Evan Aitchison – Author of Magna-Blade

Aanchal has an excellent command of the English language. Her edits in my novel made the story so much more cohesive and was able to greatly improve my manuscript before getting it published. My story definitely was much easier to read with the changes she made. If you are lucky enough to work with Aanchal, you’ll be in excellent hands and will be able to take a huge weight of your shoulders with her trustworthy and reliable edits. An up and coming editor destined for the best authors out there!

Elle Rae WhyteAuthor of Just a Friend, Remember Me, The Reclaiming Heaven Duet

I’m very pleased! I think, between the two of us, we caught everything and I found Aanchal’s developmental comments very helpful. I’ll definitely use her services again.

J. Paul Hickey (aka Jim Hickey) – Author of The General & The Lady: A True Story of Civil Love and War and the upcoming mystery novel The Blood Island Brooch

Aanchal Jain can be counted as being among the elite of book editors. Her work on my mystery novel, The Blood Island Brooch, made it better and more robust. Aanchal not only corrected grammatical and punctuation issues, she has a keen eye for plot development and made important suggestions for improving the story-line. Aanchal was a delightful literary partner – fast, efficient and thoughtful.

Emmaline Morris – Author of the Chaney Saga (To be published)

Aanchal is great! She goes above and beyond what’s required when editing. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting an editor who treats the story like it’s their own!

Christy L. Erasmus – Author of the Tristan series (Book 2 to be published)

It is my pleasure to recommend Aanchal to you for your next project.  She’ll offer clever guidance specific to your work, and polish your manuscript to your vision. After her sharp eye has been through, you’ll reach the end of your manuscript filled with enough confidence to release it to the world.

Not only did Aanchal’s suggestions compliment my style and voice, but they also enhanced both. It was clear to me that she took the time to consider my story and what would work best for my world. It was abundantly present such that I could envision her sitting there, drumming up which words would be right for my pal Tristan (my main character) and the next pot of trouble he’d stirred.

She was kind. Aanchal’s edits were pleasant and welcome because of her courteous dialogue. This alone would be enough to hire her. It’s a hard quality to find in an editor.

Kind feedback doesn’t mean a lack of contrary and critical feedback. There were plenty of times Aanchal had to tell me what didn’t work, or what was unclear, for my manuscript’s benefit. Imagine if the book had gotten to my readers like it was?  No.  Yikes! I’m glad she wasn’t afraid to be honest. My readers will thank her for giving me such wise counsel. She even commented on the stuff she enjoyed, which was fun, especially since my work is not her typical read.

And holy smokes, she’s fast. When she told me I’d have my manuscript returned within two weeks, I’ll be honest, I didn’t believe her. But there it was in my inbox on the final date that we’d agreed upon and I got top-quality editing in record time. That’s impressive. Score! I’m still reeling, to be honest.  

Cesar Zuniga – Author of the Ancient Relics (Book 1 and 2 of the Alfheim series)

Aanchal is an amazing editor! Very professional and careful with details, definitely an excellent option for indie authors to polish the book before publishing. My manuscript was particularly difficult because it was a translation work from Spanish. However, Aanchal worked quickly and in a targeted oriented manner.

Sam Winter – Author of Calamity (To be published)

I highly recommend the editing services of Read Write Relate. Aanchal assisted me with a Line Edit of my post-apocalyptic novel. She was timely in her responses, professional, and thorough in her edits.  The entire experience was positive and I look forward to working with her again.

Michael BallackAuthor of Shadows in Silion

Thanks a lot for your efforts and brilliant proofreading.

Nestor Pura – Author of his Memoir

Aanchal Jain is a great editor to work with! I don’t currently have a lot of time to put into my craft but she has been very patient in responding to me and working on my time… often waiting through large periods when I am focused on other things.

Before I chose to work with her, I sent my writing to several other editors. Her free sample had the best and most thoughtful edits. After submitting a much larger manuscript to her, I am vey pleased with her work. I plan on keeping the vast majority of her edits and utilizing her suggestions. I have edited my own work numerous time, and have had several others look over it as well. But Aanchal can consistently find ways to make the writing smoother, more active, and more concise.

Aanchal is also happy to talk through any of her edits and to offer suggestions for how to make my writing better. She responds quickly to inquiries. I definitely plan on working with her again, and highly
recommend her to other writers!

Tanisha Khaitan – Author

For me the best part of working with Aanchal was that in addition to her eye for detail she took a genuine interest in the development of my story and the characters. My discussions with Aanchal made me more aware of the kind of experience I wanted to provide to my readers. Discussing my ideas with her felt as easy as discussing them with a friend and she made the process of finalizing the first cut of my draft very smooth for me.

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